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The plan was outlined thus: Despite the Gnomes' plan being somewhat lacking in certain areas, they are apparently very intelligent in regards to economics and business, teaching the boys about big corporations.The Underpants Gnomes appear again in "Red Sleigh Down", in which it is revealed that Santa Claus does not hire elves, but rather the Underpants Gnomes to be his holiday helpers.

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They once again appear as enemies, using work-related magic.

An Underpants Warlock also appears as a boss, who specializes in underpants magic to inflict damage.

The first person to bear witness to the existence of the Underpants Gnomes was Tweek Tweak, who always managed to remain awake for their visits due to his heavy coffee addiction.

Whenever he attempted to tell others of their existence, people assumed he was hallucinating and overly stimulated.

Its been years since I’ve seen an episode of South Park.

Yes, it’s crude, it’s in your face and it’s as politically incorrect as a show can possibly get. One of the show’s most memorable recurring bit characters are The Underpants Gnomes, a hard-working community dedicated to the notion of becoming successful by collecting underpants.Underpants Gnomes appear in the stereotypical Gnome fashion, with thick long beards.They primarily wear red shirts, blue pants, and black belts.Gnomes are apparently very sturdy creatures, who can stand-up easily to physical abuse; Cartman striking one with a stick did not appear to harm it, merely prompting it to call him a pussy.Though it should be noted that Cartman is fairly nonathletic and might not be capable of hitting very hard. They have low health but make up for it with speed and numbers.If what you’re doing hasn’t lived up to expectations, maybe it’s time to discover why.So, how do you swap The Underpants Gnomes’ Business Plan for a better one? Get a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective on what you’re doing and where you want to go. To take this a step further, a clear mission, vision, and values statement will grab hold of your team’s emotions and provide motivation to excel. ” The gnomes cheer as the CEO reads this last step aloud. That business, just like the Underpants Gnomes Underwear Enterprise, will never move to the next inflection point—not for all the underpants in the world. When my team does a Cultural Assessment at a company, often the first questions we ask each of the interviewees are about the company vision and their alignment with it. This choice sets up the person we’re interacting with to succeed or struggle—and sometimes this person is oneself. When we’re clear we feel aligned and energized, and our team feels motivated because they have explicitly stated expectations. Because being truly clear means we need to take the time to discover what we need, to articulate it clearly, and to be sure the other party understood our communication.We have a clarity issue here; how exactly do we move from stealing underpants to profit? We’re not looking to see if the vision is almighty and powerful. The meaning of the communication is what the other party understood, not what you said, or intended to say, or “really meant.” You are responsible for making sure that the receiver understood, and if they didn’t, to try, try again.In my previous book, Rules for Renegades, I talked about how an MBA is optional but a GSD (Get Stuff Done) is essential.To ensure you reach the next inflection point it helps to make your brand = results. ” The gnome replies, “It’s all part of our business plan.” The boys accept the gnome’s invitation to follow him to his headquarters and learn about their business. The gnome confidently replies, “Oh, this is just the collection phase: Phase 1.” “What is Phase 2? The gnome doesn’t know, so he introduces them to the CEO gnome, who fires up a Power Point presentation. How many loyal workers go about their business but have no idea why they do what they do?


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