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General Calendar and Process : Fellows continue research and draft portions of their theses, meeting regularly with the Gaines Center director and in small groups for peer workshops.They also consult with their faculty advisory committees regularly to discuss research and review drafts.Our students are conducting original research with the intent to improve health outcomes for individuals, families, communities, and international populations.

At this time you should deliver a copy of the dissertation to your outside examiner (note that your committee and the outside examiner will probably want a paper copy of the dissertation for purposes of the final examination, but it can be in format if all involved are in agreement).

Dissertations must be received by your committee two weeks prior to your exam.

Upon receipt, the Graduate School will audit your file to make sure that all requirements to this point have been met, and will begin the process of identifying an outside examiner for your defense.

You will be notified by email when your Outside Examiner has been assigned.

Russell PDF A REPRESENTATION THEOREM FOR MATERIAL TENSORS OF TEXTURED THIN SHEETS WITH WEAK PLANAR ANISOTROPY, Yucong Sang PDF Recurrent Neural Networks and Their Applications to RNA Secondary Structure Inference, Devin Willmott PDF Spherulitic Growth and Thermodynamic Equilibrium in Multicomponent Elastic Films Under Solvent-vapor Annealing, Ding Zhao PDF Some Take-Away Games on Discrete Structures, Kristen M.

Barnard PDF Colorings of Hamming-Distance Graphs, Isaiah H.Schreffler PDF ON P-ADIC FIELDS AND P-GROUPS, Luis A.Sordo Vieira PDF Compactness of Isoresonant Potentials, Robert G.PDF The State of Lexicodes and Ferrers Diagram Rank-Metric Codes, Jared E.Antrobus PDF On the Role of Ill-conditioning: Biharmonic Eigenvalue Problem and Multigrid Algorithms, Kasey Bray PDF BOUNDING THE NUMBER OF COMPATIBLE SIMPLICES IN HIGHER DIMENSIONAL TOURNAMENTS, Karthik Chandrasekhar PDF Lattice Simplices: Sufficiently Complicated, Brian Davis PDF APPROXIMATIONS IN RECONSTRUCTING DISCONTINUOUS CONDUCTIVITIES IN THE CALDERÓN PROBLEM, George H.Fellows have the opportunity to do sustained research work on topics that they choose with the help of faculty advisers and the director of the center.For a list of Gaines Senior Theses from 1986 to the present, please see the document below.Lytle PDF Equivalence of Classical and Quantum Codes, Tefjol Pllaha PDF UNDERGRADUATE MATHEMATICS STUDENTS’ CONNECTIONS BETWEEN THEIR GROUP HOMOMORPHISM AND LINEAR TRANSFORMATION CONCEPT IMAGES, Jeffrey Slye PDF Boundary Layers in Periodic Homogenization, Jinping Zhuge PDF Bounded Point Derivations on Certain Function Spaces, Stephen Deterding PDF A Combinatorial Miscellany: Antipodes, Parking Cars, and Descent Set Powers, Alexander Thomas Happ PDF Polytopes Associated to Graph Laplacians, Marie Meyer PDF HILBERT BASES, DESCENT STATISTICS, AND COMBINATORIAL SEMIGROUP ALGEBRAS, Mc Cabe J.Olsen PDF HOMOGENIZATION IN PERFORATED DOMAINS AND WITH SOFT INCLUSIONS, Brandon C.A detailed description of the thesis project (including requirements for the project, the formation of a faculty advisory committee, and grading procedures) is found below.Fellows should consult this document as they consider the senior thesis requirement.


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