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It ended in 1989 after a regime change in the Soviet Union.

There were different changes that led to the spread of democracy throughout former communist nations, and they often become the main subject of debates.

Writing your cold war essay should be a systematic process that involves: Use this simple and effective approach to secure high grades.

Ensure that you pick an interesting and original cold war topic. Use the above-mentioned suggestions to brainstorm your own ideas.

Discuss possible events that could have a direct impact on it.

Some of the areas to write about in your cold war essay within a specific number of words and pages include: Consider all the alliances and each country included in one of the most intriguing wars in the international arena.There were some significant individuals who fueled the cold war and steered it, so try to describe their personal traits, motives, and position. Find and evaluate information about leaders who managed to defect from their sides to form an alliance with opposing parties.When the war starts, there's always a weak side that has to plan defense from the attack and gives up and a winner who gets full control over benefits as a result.The cold war is an influential event in human history because this ideologically-driven conflict of powerful states had a potential to destroy humanity. There is an opinion that the collapse of the Soviet Union means that America won this war, but it has opponents.The economy suffered from the buildup of armed foreign forces.Identify the roles of these parties in this crisis and fueling conflicts.Are there any prominent names that refer to the cold war?Think about such powerful politicians as Stalin, president Truman, Ronald Reagan, Gorbachev, and Churchill because each one was a strong leader who fought in this war.It’s a significant event that caused a revolution and resulted in democratic expansion and it has lasted for many decades, historians recorded it in detail.There were also negative effects on democracy and international security.I think that no one won this war because it was both about who had nuclear weapons and a showdown between communism and capitalism.


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