What Is An Assignment In Real Estate

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A wholesaler’s transaction fee of 00 does not sound all that bad.You are actually saving lots of money by paying a transaction fee instead of using realtor.

Depending on what the buyer and seller agree with you is an adequate assignment the, you could make a lot of money.

The contract itself is stating to the seller your intent to purchase the property.

You can even go through with the purchase as originally intended with you is the buyer and not do any assigning.

If you are the assigning party, you add a fee into the transaction so you get paid as the dealmaker between the seller and buyer.

The last thing you want is for you to go to the closing of escrow on a property you are purchasing and have problems.

Not informing the seller ahead of time your intent to assign the contract to someone else may cause major problems with the seller if feel they were misled or deceived.

As in the case stated above with my most recent property, the person assigning me the contract is making 00 on this one transaction.

It is not uncommon for wholesalers to make anywhere from 00-00 on an assignment of a contract to an investor.

Just because you put “ and or assigns ” does not mean that you will not follow through with the purchase of the property yourself.

It does not lock you into assigning to a third party.


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