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Amid the test that would put him in custody for almost three years, he portrayed the thinking for this drastic takeoff from his party's unique standards.In January 1962, Mandela made a trip abroad illicitly to go to a meeting of African patriot pioneers in Ethiopia, after his arrival, he was captured and consequently sentenced to five years in jail.During the period of college studies he came into contact with modern principles of freedom, liberty, democracy, equality, political rights, etc.

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His simple principles of political agitation almost on the lines of Mahatma Gandhi, healing the wounds of hate, bringing about national unification, becoming the symbol of the oppressed people all over the world etc. Today, Nelson Mandela, popularly known as ‘Madiba in South Africa, is a household name all over the world.

Though retired from active politics, his ‘voice’ continues to echo in our world wherever and whenever freedoms of people are threatened and chained.“His life has almost mirrored the journey of an entire people; a remarkable journey of hardship, struggle and now liberation”, so says an editorial published in a South African Newspaper named ‘Sowetan’ on his birthday in July.

ANC challenged the racist political system of apartheid, in which black Africans were legally discriminated against, in all walks of life.

ANC under Nelson Mandela’s leadership organised labour strikes and nationwide protests and demonstrations against apartheid during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s.

Thousands and thousands of Africans joined the nationalist movement for freedom forcing the white rulers to give up apartheid and release their beloved leader which they captured in 1990.

In the first free election that followed in 1994 ANC under Nelson Mandela won the election and he was chosen to lead the country as its First Black African President.Nelson Mandela was born in the year 1918 in rural Umata Transkei, South Africa. After the death of his father in 1930, Nelson Mandela was sent to live with the chief of Tembu Nation.However, in his late teens, Nelson Mandela renounced his hereditary rights to the chiefdom and took up college studies.In 1956, Mandela and 155 different activists were captured and went on test for conspire.In 1961, Nelson Mandela helped to establish and turned into the first pioneer of Spear of the Nation, otherwise called MK, another outfitted wing of the ANC.The previous South African president Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) and extremist conveyed a conclusion to politically-sanctioned racial segregation and has been a worldwide supporter for civil rights.An associate from the African National Congress group starting in the 1940s, he was a pioneer of both tranquil dissents and fortified opposition against the white minority's harsh administration in an ethnically isolated South Africa.In 1964, onwards Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in the famous Robben Island, where he spent 27 years.During the 27 years that he was in jail he became the source of inspiration and example.Enhancing ethnic interactions, disheartening blacks from striking back against the white minority and building another universal picture of a united South Africa were vital to President Mandela's plan.In conclusion, regardless of his constrained draw back from the limelight, Mandela continued to be the typical pioneer of the politically-sanctioned racial segregation faction.


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